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Cookies are files created by the websites you visit. Cookies store browsing information, such as your site preferences or profile information. When you visit the Site, cookies are uploaded by your web browser and stored on the device you entered into the Site. Cookies are required to facilitate browsing during your visit and to make the Site user-friendly and do not harm your device., to make special promotions, promotions and marketing offers for you, to improve the content of the Site for you and / or to determine your preferences; It tracks your navigation information and / or your membership usage history on the Site. may match information collected from you on the Site at different times, such as information collected online and offline, and may use this information in conjunction with information from other sources, such as third parties. Such pairing and use shall remain solely for the purposes and scope set out in this Privacy and Cookie Policy. also provides cookies; search engines, the Site and / or advertising sites when you visit the web site that may interest you may use to serve ads. While serves these ads, a third-party cookie may be placed in your browser so can recognize you. Information that is used and managed by external organizations to provide the services requested by us to improve the experience of users during their visits to the Site and stored in cookies on the Site, except for "third party cookies", is exclusively used by us. The main purposes of these "third-party cookies" are to obtain access statistics and to guarantee the security of payment transactions performed.

We do not store sensitive information, such as your password or credit or debit card information, in the cookies we use.

Information about the cookies we use to collect your navigation information will be provided with a pop-up window the first time you log into the Site.

If you choose to avoid the use of cookies on the Site in view of the above limitations, you will first need to disable the cookie usage feature in your browser and then delete the saved cookies associated with this Site. You can use the option to prevent the use of cookies at any time. However, avoiding cookies may result in inability to benefit from the services offered on the Site.

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